We Are All The Same: We Are Only Human <3

We are all the same. We are only human.

We rise, we fall, have fears, dreams, dreams we have left behind, to do lists that are never done, amazing accomplishments - many the world will never know of - we want to travel, we want to be the best at what we do, we want to succeed, we want to leave it all behind, we want it all at the same time…and sometimes we want nothing at all, nothing seems that interesting.

We forget the world is beautiful, then find ourselves caught in a moment full of inspiration for something as simple as a FB post. We go out, breathe in the fresh air, look at the horizon, and then go on with our lives. As we are walking to our cars, we promise ourselves (kinda) to never again forget that we have so many things to be amazed of, to be happy we have, to be grateful for… but the truth is, inspiration sometimes just plain leaves us behind.

Sometimes we get so caught up in all these little things in our head, all these little things we “need” to change, we “need” to accomplish, that it all just starts feeling way too overwhelming, way too impossible, way too complex, and it might feel lonely in there (overthinking often leads to the weirdest places possible). We forget we need to keep living and enjoying the ride. 

When this happens to me, I might (if I’m lucky) get a moment of sense screaming at me: “snap out of it, everyone’s going through the same… everyone has their own battles to win, battles they feel they won't come out alive of, everyone is struggling…just like you are”. Life goes on and you need to make yourself stronger!

I mention this or I think of this, not looking to go down the path of “oh if it’s happening to everyone then I’m ok”, but instead to remind myself that I need to be strong, just like “X" person that I know. And thinking about how others have overcome their struggles helps me find peace, hope...

How many times have you met someone that seems to be so put together & successful that you think everything is easy for them? Easy in the way that they must be very talented, or have a gift for this or that, not necessarily thinking that it all must have been given to them “for free”, but maybe that there is nothing in their life that makes them feel worried, nothing that troubles them. Like they are living with some kind of privilege we don’t know about. We live assuming so many things…all the time…

For me, it meant finding out one day at work that that person that was always super happy, super smiley, super nice to everyone, so good at what she did, always on time (and very early in the morning), had had her husband in the hospital for two weeks, due to heart surgery, and it was a recurring issue for them.

This other person, your typical hyperactive, involved in so many things, always chatting around, coming up with ideas, had an autistic son, and confessed to us she actually felt exhausted all the time. During those few minutes of vulnerability, she let us all see behind that strong side she usually shows, her sadness, the guilt she felt. Her sharing this reminded us that she is only human…just like us, just like everyone we are surrounded by is. We are all the same… we are only human.

The strongest people are not necessarily those that have had it easy all the time. I believe they have gained their strength by going through those hard times: through endurance, forcing themselves to be resilient. Or, you know, sometimes a situation just delicately pushes you into it (gently, like those free fall rides dropping you at 60 mph when you least expect it).

I decided to create this blog in search of inspiration, for me, for you, for whomever feels like reading a good story, for anyone looking to remind him/herself that the show must go on! I want to find out a bit more about all these amazing people that surround us all the time: that guy you see every morning at the same corner on your way to work, that teacher that you can’t stand but know deep inside is really great at what he/she does, the all-star leader at your office or your classroom, your mom, your husband, your best friend, your mother-in-law, your neighbor…everyone and anyone. 

We’re all the same. Let’s find some strength in this.


P.S. Everyone has a story to tell, and I'd love to know yours! Email me at loveandbrains@gmail.com to help us spread the inspiration. 



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